Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring introspection

Northwest Oregon unveils summer by way of misty morning. Unusually cool, even for Oregon, this year's cooler, wetter weather has been merely punctuated by minuscule tastes of warming sun and clear blue sky. Last weekend's joy-filled taste of summer danced delight for its arrival on a weekend instead of during the work week. Parks, fountains, the Portland waterfront and many, many farmers' markets bustled with smiling folks in shorts and T-shirts.

There is calm introspection present in overcast mornings. I wake in soft repose, as if all stress and hecticness must wait, their energy dampened, kept low. With no strong sun-filled day to pull me outside, I get to settle in with my muse and enjoy written conversation.

And so the day goes and I along with it.

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