Thursday, April 12, 2012

K-day / Kalla's story, a preview

The darkness continued long past sun’s rising. Kalla knew she must not hesitate. Each day, the sun remained shadowed into the late morning hours. Soon it would not appear at all. Unless she completed her mission. She must kill Jarmin Lucas.

The lands of Serena Dubar were lush, vibrant until Jarmin arrived four years ago. Before his arrival, the people wanted for nothing. All the food, security, comforts of life surrounded them and the people respected their environment.

Jarmin was different. His family ruled Modar, a harsh land kept productive through evil means. The people were repressed unless part of the ruling class. Until five years ago, a vast canyon and ocean separated the two lands and each remained distinct. Jarmin was second in line for the rule of his lands and jealous of his brother’s future. His own grew more uncertain when it became known that his own birth was unnatural, that he was a half-breed. The family kept him to protect the secret. When his mother died, all of that changed and he became nothing better than a servant to his father’s demands.

Determined to prove himself, he fled the country, risked his life to cross the barriers to Serena Dubar, a mythical land of vast resources that most believed was purely fiction. To his great delight and the ruination of Serena Dubar, he found her (for that was how everyone referred the their land, in Serena Dubar. “She” was their guardian and benefactor.)

At first, the people welcomed Jarmin Lucas, taught him their ways. But when he trained in the magic of the healers, his dark heart took charge. In the power of the healer’s magic, he determined he would develop the power for revenge upon his homeland. Instead, something went wrong and his dark powers were unleashed upon the lands and skies of Serena Dubar.
--- ---

Night seeks his slumber
sun rises in gold raiment
birds sing harmony

shadows linger long
sun’s raiment torn asunder
wolves howl in dismay

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  1. i love fantasy and i found this to be an interesting story!

    Just A-Zing around!