Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Music and Motivation

M is for Music and Motivation

Thunderous applause followed Brian’s performance that night. His eyes blinked back tears of joy. With a sweep of his left arm, he took in the band around him; the audience roared its approval. This was a night Brian would remember for the rest of his life.

“Brian! Wake-up. You’re sleeping through your first class again.”

Brian’s dreams dissolved and the pale yellow walls of his rented room floated in as truly awful replacements. “Aw, man. You just killed the best dream.”

“Yeah? Well, there won’t be no dream except of a warm place to live if you get kicked out this term. C’mon. I promised you I’d kick your butt if you fell behind and you are doing that big time.”

Brian ducked his head under his pillow. Without pause, Sanjay ripped the covers and pillow off the bed, then tossed a pitcher of water on Brian’s body.

“Hey! You’re gonna ruin the mattress and I do not have the money to get a new one!”

“Exactly my point. And, believe it or not, I only got you and barely any on the mattress. Just saved you the need to for a shower.” Sanjay tossed a towel at Brian. “Now dry off and get to class. There’s a bag with breakfast and thermos of coffee on the table by the door.”

Brian grumbled, but he’d agreed to all of this in December, when his grades put him on probation. Too much time spent playing music at gigs around town and not enough keeping up with his classwork had landed him in trouble with the college and his dad.

“What’s my first class today, Sanjay?”

“Music theory.”

Now Brian was awake. Today must be Wednesday and that meant seeing Megan. If he hurried, he could maybe share some coffee with her before class or at least convince her to meet with him for coffee later. Or maybe lunch, a study break, tutoring, a jam session. Except he had nowhere to play music anymore, not since his folks locked him out until his grades improved.

Still, spring was coming and they could play their guitars outside or in the subway. He already knew he loved Megan, wanted her to join his band, a band that only existed in his dreams.

“I’m on it, man.”

He was dressed and out the door in a flash, guitar over one shoulder, backpack over the other. Just like in his dream, running out onto the stage, crowds cheering and his face filled with a huge smile.

*** ***
Today's Poem, a cinquain

his dream

dances within,
returns enhanced, rhythms
draw crowds, young musician beams, heart
drums joy


  1. Great post! Brian sounds like my kind of guy :)

    1. Thanks - I think I've "met" him in the guise of many musicians I've met over the years, and I think he'll make future appearances in my writing...

  2. I like Brian, and I really like the poem, how well you captured the moment with so few words.

    1. THanks - this post was a lot of fun to compose