Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for NOTES

Notes –
as in taking them, in a class, or while listening to your doctor’s spiel on your medical situation, or perhaps composing them as information for the babysitter, housesitter or cleaning crew, and, my favorite, notes made in preparation for your next best-selling novel.

So may ways to use notes, as reminders and triggers and maybe, as I do, in your internet presence. My twitter account is @notablywrite, my email and blog use judybnotes and the title of my blog, of course, Judy’s NW notes.

Music incorporates notes as guides, along with rests, key signatures, rhythm markers, and so much more, but without the notes, would there be ANY music?

However there are numerous other usages for the word ‘note.’ Here are just a few:
-       A promissory Note
-       A security Note
-       A banknote
-       As relates to the scent/fragrance from perfume or wine

Hope you were taking notes today!

**** **** ****

I waited hours,
or so it seemed,
for a turn with him,
my very busy physician.

Pressed for time, he spoke
like a speeded up recording,
until I pulled out my notepad.

“Wait!” I cried. “Was that surgery
with an ‘e’ or a ‘u’?”

That got his attention, forced
a pause, confusion creasing his brows.

“I need notes,” my explanation resolved.
“Your wisdom speaks volumes to me.
Please, may we review what you said?”

Charmed, he rolled a stool
from its corner spot,
settled down,
looked into my eyes.

“Where shall I begin?” he crooned.

I took very good notes that day.


  1. Lovely and so accurately detailing my visit earlier to day at my physical therapists office. I suppose we all vie for their attention in one way or another.

  2. Taking notes is the only way to go, that and having an extra set of ears with you. Thanks for stopping by!