Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hawks and Humor


beyond Earth
tethers, thermals
start sky bound ascents,
you drift without concerns,
confident, keen-eyed hunter
locating prey from high above,
aerobatics, one swift dive, dinner
snared, savored, nature’s life cycle renewed.

A blog post ought to be of some use to a reader and yet I’m torn when I reach the letter H.  Back when I wrote about April Fool’s Day, I ended with a reference to “humor” and how that would make a good topic for today.

I also wanted to write about hawks because I harbor an affinity for hawks, have chosen “hawkseye” as my online pen-name and accept that hawk and I share a spiritual link. However, writing of the hawk is more for me than others, so let’s take a tour of humor instead.

Do you know what makes you laugh and why you find some experiences humorous? I challenge you to attempt a concise definition of humor that could apply to wide range of people. Personally, I think it would prove difficult. What you find rip-roaring hilarious might cause me to merely roll my eyes or leave shaking my head. What’s humorous to one culture might provoke shock or disgust in another.

Even a search around the Internet led to nothing concrete. I think it fair to say, however, that what most people consider humorous today, while different in context, holds threads of similarity to what made people laugh in decades far into the past. Whether written, expressed verbally by a comedian, found in song, theater or just in conversation, humor and its triggered outcome – laughter – is good medicine for the soul.


  1. Thank you for the wonderfully kind comment on my blog piece through Mysti's author series blog!

    1. You're welcome - thanks for visiting my blog - hope you return!

  2. Like without humour is bland.

    1. So true - and life without hawks would be like prison or worse!