Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Ubiquitous

ubiquitous – existing or being everywhere, especially “at the same time”
omnipresent – constantly encountered

The silence had a subtle beginning. First, the leaves stopped rustling, the wind failed to whistle as it brushed the branches, found its way through cracks in the window frame. After that, the frogs quit singing and the forest grew eerie in its sudden still quiet.

She walked along the trail, boots crunching dried twigs, leaves, shells and yet she heard only the absence of sound. The trees parted near the edge of a wild, raging river. Not too distant, she thought, to hear the churning and bubbling of the turbulent water. Still she heard nothing. 

A dark shadow drew her view skyward where a hawk soared. Even the birds, the screech of the hawk, the hoot of the owl, the dancing melodies of the songbirds – all silent now.

Above the bird, a small plane churned across the sky. She imagined it being a new technology, the motor barely broke through the still air.

The silence surrounded her – ubiquitous.

She sighed, sad for the loss of so much that once delighted her. The loss was gradual at first, then dove like an elevator set free. Now, even with the aid of a hearing device, she lived in a world where silence held more power than sound. She considered her life akin to that of an alien on Earth, arriving without ears to hear, she navigated her way by sight, visually interpreting what she needed to understand, avoiding most social interactions.

Attempting to find a silver lining, she took consolation in being able to tune out the ubiquitous noise grown ever-present, never shut off, that most people endured every day and every night.

Maybe she did have an edge in her own unique way. Certainly made it easy to focus on her writing in a crowded coffee shop.

She turned from the river and continued her silent walk through the forest.
** ** **
ubiquitous quiet

surrounds, black hole
siphons sound away, steals
birds, a child’s song, compromises

layers voices,
subtle notes; harmonics
required for fullness, clarity,

speech, natural
sounds feed my inner soul,
hearing loss fragments notes, disrupts


  1. That's a great word for U!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Beautiful post! I'm glad to have found you! Thanks for swinging by my blog, and I'm a new follower too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - appreciate the comments

  3. Hi, Judy, Pleased to meetcha! I like your style of writing. I was right in there with the person walking through the silent forest. New follower! Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  4. P.S. I wonder, too, if the girl had tinnitus (like I do) if her world would be completely silent? I am never without sound in my ear competing for the sounds around me. Just a thought.. On my way to visit more bloggers, working my way down the list.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Grammy - I'll visit your site soon! -- And while I hadn't held thoughts one way or the other for that girl, I myself live in something close to her experience and WITH the tinnitus - so, yes, there is never any REAL and complete silence for us, is there? I spoke of this in my "S" post (briefly)

    However, for me, after so many years with the ubiquitous noise, I've somewhat adjusted to hearing "silence" when the only noise is the inner noise