Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elephants and more

Egregious Elephant Ensconced In The Middle Of The Living Room.

That's the headline on this, our fifth day of blogging through the alphabet. What’s your unspeakable-obvious-but-won’t move elephant? Mine is…. well, not revealing that here!

I like elephants – the real ones, or at least the ones I get to visit at the Washington Park Zoo in Portland, Oregon. My favorite is Samudra. Sam is his appropriate nickname. Some might ask, “Why not Packy, the elder statesman?” (He will celebrate 50 years April 14th)  Maybe because Packy gets so much press, so many birthday parties and Sam, well, come on now, the guy is just too cute!


According to the National Geographic (online facts page), the African elephant is the largest land animal on earth. That must mean only the dinosaurs have a leg up on them and look where it got them! Seriously, I consider elephants, the real ones, elegant creatures, strong, bold, confident and friendly. Well, at least the ones I’ve met at my local zoo.

Now, those other elephants, the visibly invisible ones in the middle of the living room, anyone know how to coax them into an elephant transport box?

Elegant Elephant

Elegant elephant,
trunk snuffling
about, settled
quite cozy
in my living room,

would you care
for a scone
or two, perhaps
a cherry nougat
would do?

I’m on a diet
you see,
looking to lose
a few gems
of anxiety

anchored deep
beyond my reach,
where shadows
their brilliant

and lift
dark curtains
blocking my view.

Or is that just you?


  1. haha super cute. I enjoy looking at baby elephants playing on youtube. It's like watching a giant puppy!

    1. They sure are! And our zoo is in line to get another new baby soon -- that will move Sam out of prime "baby" cuteness!

  2. cherry nougat scones--the diet can wait.
    good job,

    1. Thanks, Connie - and appreciate you stopping by

  3. I love elephants. Such stunning creatures. Though obviously not those sat in the middle of the living room!

    1. Exactly - those bulky, obviously invisible guys are a problem until resolved
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. Thats a pretty coincidence but that is bound to happen in A to Z.
    (I too wrote on Elephants)
    Like that picture of the baby elephant.

    1. Yes, similar but yours contains many, many wonderful pictures and story to go with them.
      Thanks for visiting!