Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring into writing

Been chasing down my muse today. Weather's nice, dry and partly sunny - a plus for the Pacific Northwest. Creativity churns when my muse goes on holiday without me. The pieces left behind become a rather disorderly bunch and there's just no getting the words, phrases and ideas to line up in any sensible, ready for writing order.  Even so, I pulled this one together last night. Hope you enjoy it, maybe recognize some of your own days when creative expression is challenged.

While the Muse is Away

I am a poet,
my pockets overflow
with letters, words,
ideas, snappy phrases,

like sensible shoes, each of them
capable of long journeys,
comfortable as well for brevity,

eager for journeys to ocean beaches,
Puget Sound, Mt. Saint Helens, empty
now of her pent up rage, her cauldron
contents less volatile than long ago.

Pockets emptied onto the desk,
sorted, they prove a rambunctious,
disorderly lot, unwilling to gather
in any sort of poetic line-up,
I’m thinking maybe a few mug shots
might snap them into attention.

Wearied now, I catch a giggle,
then another – before long
my resistance fades, laughter
bubbles within, face forms a smile,
shoulders relax and I sigh, accept
my muse’s absence and reach
for a mighty fine wine, comfortable
chair and an engaging book.

by judy Beaston
March 23, 2013