Wednesday, July 3, 2013


No Body Here

Morning calls,
my groggy body replies;
first the cat's demands
meted out from a tin can,
then yogic breathing,
stretches loosen limbs,
eyes open wider;
blood flows, creaking,
groaning joints move free.

I open my front door,
cross the threshold, step
onto an accident scene,
the body's outline chalked
upon the concrete walkway
mere inches from the doormat
bidding all "WELCOME!"

Chalked images of shoes rest
next to the figure, lined up
as if he were merely sleeping,
a transient who stopped by
having heard about a party,
or so I speculate when I notice
the party popper in – no "on" –
his chalked hand. You know
the ones – they send confetti
and more into the air at the pull
of a simple string. Poor guy
appears nude, his butt outlined
in soft, curved, yellow powder.

A heart placed near the house
completes the picture, perhaps,
or as a message that all is in fun,
a non-malicious game by teens
at a summer party, their thrill
my shock as I take gentle steps
past this crime scene outline
and retrieve my morning paper.

Monday, July 1, 2013

summer pleasures


feet, glorious feet
guide our walks from here to there
toes freed or toes crimped
inside socks and pointed shoes
or laughing with painted nails

by judy beaston
July 1, 2013

With summer comes the pleasure of exposed feet and toes and an opportunity to decorate toenails in bright colors, even add flowers. My feet smile when the weather allows for more freedom. There's just no breathing inside winter's socks, no matter how thin the fabric. 

The above photo represents three generations enjoying the fun, and we each included flowers on our toes. I must admit, that was/is a first for me. I'm not generally one to gravitate toward painted nails on either hands or feet, but the opportunity to share the experience with my daughter and granddaughter could not be passed up.