Friday, November 22, 2013

happy - a poem


single yellow blossom
dancing in an open meadow
inhaling life - exhaling joy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where did Autumn go?

Summer splendor slipped with little fanfare into the transition days of fall -- some demanding more of summer's heat and others teasing with winter's chill, and we even tasted nature's liquid refreshment, long-missing this season.

September danced with eagerness upon new endeavors -- school for everyone, all five members of this household, this fall. That varied across age-lines, of course.

The youngest, Jayden, proudly dons his fox design red backpack every morning as he heads to daycare/preschool.

His older sister slips on a bigger, heavier version and with equal gusto, heads off to first grade.

Their mom returned to university this fall, a shift from pre-school teacher to a career in electronics on her horizon; while their dad continued his own college courses also directing him into the field of engineering.

Meanwhile, Nana (that's me) dove into a mix of writing and poetry courses and projects, balancing (without much success) those with the return of community band rehearsals and plans for a remodel of the kitchen.

All that to say -- GOOD GRIEF, my last entry was in August and we're fast approaching Thanksgiving already.  I was reminded by a poet friend today that my blog was a bit dated - a polite understatement.

I'll be writing midst dust and noise and a missing kitchen soon -- stay tuned...