Monday, September 8, 2014

What I Need Today

What I need today....

Sometimes, what I need stares back at me from the oddest places. Rarely do I recognize what I need when peering into the unkind reflections parading themselves as replicas of me that I find in a mirror. Nor does window glass offer much in the way of honesty. But I might find it on a path in a forest, shrouded by trees whose branches mingle overhead like soldier's swords creating a path toward a new light.

Or on a beach, surrounded by sun or surrounded by fog, both merely embrace me in different cloaks of welcome. The surf pounds without tiring, pushing energy into my body-mind-soul whether I splash through its teasing waves or trod across the sand, bundled up against chilly winds.

And in those natural connections, I see what I need, what all of me inside to outside needs, in this moment, on this day. Tomorrow might change, but for now, right here, I know.