Saturday, December 6, 2014

December's Cyber Black Holes

     Late evening arrives before I settle at last to compose my daily poem for my online poetry group. I breathe, toss out the detritus of the day, ask my writing team for something significant, pertinent to the day. 

      But my day involved errands, including finalizing the submitting of my request for a new passport (old one long-ago expired) -- so it seemed there was nothing there. Nothing other than holiday everything confronting me at every stop.

      Additionally, every day requires filtering an abundance of messages from my cyber mail box and seemingly anywhere I click on the Internet. I suspect that has been -- and continues festering in my mind. Not 'festering' like a blister, just trying to figure out how to both ignore it AND take advantage of it. 

      I go to the store for a needed item and feel guilt rise within because I'm not shopping the sales -- what if I need this item this year? Yes, my BLAH-BLAH is wearing out, if I buy now, I can be pleased that I did not pay full price. Only a fool pays full price… etc. etc.   

      The tape is one many marketing and business folks would be pleased to know was running with vehemence within me. BUT, I shake my head with each -- move on. 

      I think my year of purging excess items from every corner of my house, combined with spending a lot on helpful remodels and the items that go with that, has me on a simplicity plane. I do NOT need more material items. When something wears out, I trust I WILL obtain a fair and satisfying price as well as a more satisfying pleasure in the new item -- this vs. a more frenetic, holiday sales pressured purchase plan. 

      ANYWAY - this is the poem that spoke and flowed with only minor tweaks from first draft to final.

Cyber Black Holes

December upon us once again,
holiday scenes proliferate
multiply like rabbits breeding

no stopping strong urges
by businesses for green seed
their vacuums on full-power

sucking hard-earned dollars
into their silk purses, sugar-coating
debt with syrupy sweet deals

swirling about us like a budding
black hole, Friday after Turkey-day
caught like a star exploding

Cyber everything from one week prior
and on through one week after
with no real end yet in sight.

I tuck my wallet in a cyber-proof vault
yet still sense the contents siphoned
into the lightless coffers somewhere out there.

by judy Beaston
December 5, 2014

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