Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dragons and Dreams

Dragons and Dreams, kids have both. Then, again, so do I, having never outgrown the pleasure of living an alternate life between lights out and sunrise.

night shadows

dance on night walls
swift runners, fire breathers
reach wings toward me, come daylight they

What dreams come your way? Do you believe them messengers and guides regarding your current life, maybe your future? Or do you, like me, wake looking for feathers on your pillow, scratches on your arms, your face covered in the remnants of the meal being consumed at the moment of reentry?


  1. I was just watching dragons on Game of Thrones last night. This is a wonderful poem Judy! Julie

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I'm not familiar with "Game of Thrones" - might be worth seeking out

    2. It's a great show! I just woke up from a rather interesting dream myself. I see dreams as an alternate reality where your brain collages people, places, ideas, feelings etc. I think it just tells me abstractly what is on my mind for instance people I haven't spoken to in a while.