Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

April has ended and so too the AtoZ Blog Challenge. I joined that challenge to help determine the direction of my blog. I learned that posting vignettes, micro-flash and the beginning of longer stories, suits me with delight. Is it just a place for me to project my own writing? Perhaps for now that is true. I suspect I will branch out to explore the tales of other short-story writers at some point.

What I enjoyed the most this past month was the discipline of daily writing, especially since each post was an impromptu effort. Creating related poetry is another part that I liked, so there will probably be more of that, too. Going forward, I intend to create a flexible schedule vs. daily posts.

Thanks to any who stop by to read. Leave a comment or two so I know you've been by. All comments are appreciated.

May Flowers

I remember singing songs about May in grade school. In sing-song rhythm, we repeated the words about May flowers born from April’s showers. On the first day of May, we danced around a pole, a celebration of life emerging from winter darkness, of birth and renewal – fertility, I learned in later years.

** ** ** **

emerge daily
from dense muddy chambers,
arms open, embrace life, petals
speak peace

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