Saturday, November 19, 2016

In Search of Truth


Is There a Future For Truth?

Another day dances around me
skirt swirls but reveals little,
a tango with trouble
while hip-hop artists
settle on the side
composing countermeasures
in rap words insufficient
to conjure change
rescind dangerous elements;

always the way—the bards sing
truth but the world hears dissonance,
misses the message
shrugs off harmonious resolve
blinded instead by glam & glitter
of ominous forces
whose words rasp toxic
like a cheese grater on the brain
dismantling too many
of their final connections
to empathy, compassion, respect

tone-deaf now to truth
they hear lies as reality
a song without chords, a drone
from the dark side of everything
including this day
now dancing into the shadows
bereft of confidence, no guarantees
her dance numbers allowed
more rounds in sunlight.

by judy Beaston
November 18, 2016