Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mail Call

Mail Call

My dad received an invitation
for an all-expense-paid flight
to Washington, D.C.

He and many other elder statesmen
long-ago dressed in military uniforms,
journey soon to visit
the WWII Memorial built
in their honor.

Upon their return
to Midway Airport in Chicago,
a familiar though long-gone sight awaits:
Mail Call
the same kind of Mail Call
woven into their days
during the war.

My dad and I exchange communication
as a rare event these days,
most of my news
about him
or my mom
reaches me via my sister,

but I would not miss this opportunity
no matter our distance
to share my gratitude
for his bravery
and commitment to freedom
that I embrace as matter-of-fact
every day of my life.

To all of our servicemen, past,
present and--unfortunately--future,
though I detest war
in all forms
consider none worth the bullets,
deaths and ruined lives
still I
thank you for your service
to this country.

by judy Beaston
April 25, 2015

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